Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Week Ahead

9/12: Full Moon (see previous post)

9/12:Mercury/Pluto: Insightful, penetrating thinking. Exacting communications. Changes in thinking have profound insights.

9/14: Venus enters Libra
Psst…we may be less critical of partners after a month of nagging.

9/14: Mercury/Jupiter: Jovial thoughts, good natured discussions, a bit loud but trying to remain optimistic. Watch the wallet!

9/ 16: Pluto turns direct . A once a year event we wake up feeling repurposed. Charged. Since April we have felt muddled now we can do the moves we need. What have we learned since Spring about our own power? See New Moon article for more Pluto insights.

9/17:Venus/Uranus: Money and love breakthroughs that look odd and strange
Are you open to weird? Or must everything be on the straight and narrow? Open up today for a bit of the weird.

9/18: Mars enters Leo
Our hearts are pumping again. We have been in our heads so much it is nice to get invigorated again.

9/18: Venus/Pluto: Stressed money, values feel tweaked, love of power. A trying aspect that makes us feel vulnerable. Do something you can control like declutter a room etc. The rest that you can’t control? Let it go.

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