Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chewing Food---How Virgo!

Last week I visited with my friend Linda who I had not seen in several months and she looked terrific. She's always looks great but there was something extra vibrant going on and I asked "What's the deal?" And she said, "I'm chewing my food longer."

She then told me about a book she received when she was in Germany during the summer and how the author lost weight, became more vital, changed his health in general all by chewing his food longer. Chewing it until it almost dissolves in the mouth.

Chewing things until they dissolve, what could be more Virgo? And of course, Linda has pronounced Virgo in her chart so it would be natural that she would be the one to tell me about it. I have a Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house so I am keen on these stories of simple health improvements and in truth I had heard this theory before but never gave it the time that I wanted. So, I researched it further and apparently chewing food longer activates saliva which aids in digestion, fills you up faster and improves absorption of nutrients.

My Pluto in Virgo decided to give it shot. So, a few days before Virgo New Moon and on the new moon I slowed down my eating. I really focused on the chewing. What would have been eaten in about 10 seconds now took 30 seconds. And I have to say it has been less than a week but I have felt a difference. I don't eat as much and I feel more satisfied longer.

If you do a search you will find a lot of articles on this process but HERE is one.

Why don't you try during this Virgo lunar cycle to slow down your chewing. See if it makes an impact. Who knows it may be a new part of your routine for ever. Wouldn't that be perfect (Virgo word) for the grand trine of Jupiter/Pluto and Sun.

Doing my part to help the cause---bit by bit.

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