Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde August 30, 5:17am EDT
10 Taurus 21
Sabian symbol: A woman sprinkling flowers

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and he does everything BIG!

He is the thunder and lightening god who resides on the top of mountains and because he hangs out in lofty position he is our philosopher and education planet. When Jupiter retrogrades we redefine our philosophy on a subject and in Taurus we will be looking at our philosophies on money, properties, capital, assets and valuables. We will also 're-educate' ourselves on financial and 'valuables'.

Jupiter is the judge planet and all of us will judge our portfoloio with a keen eye. Even if you don't have a portfolio you have things in your life that are valuable and during the retrograde you will decided if they are serving you. Some people will have buyers remorse, others will want to double down. Or perhaps you have given no attention to money and business, valuable assets etc and you are feeling vulnerable that you have goose egg.

Whatever you have or don't have in your 'valuables' category you will mull over your position for the next four months.

Jupiter is retrograde until December 25 5:08pm-- so we have four months to "get our money on". Not just the money we earn but our investments. We can right the wrongs during the retrograde. Probably not a great time to actually launch a new business but if you get the idea for the business during the retrograde you can do the research during the retro.

Jupiter will move from 11 degrees to Zero Taurus---Look at your natal chart and see if Jupiter is making any aspects during the retrograde to any of your planets. Jupiter presents opportunities and doors can open in a retrograde. But even in the harsh apsects you will later find the oopportunity. It will sting (no shit) at first and a lot of it will be activated by your opinionated mouth (Jupiter) and probably an unwillingness to change (Taurus is stubborn) but by the end of the transit you will have learned a lot (Jupiter) about yourself and THAT is invaluable (there's a great Taurus word).

I personally think this is a fabulous retrograde at the right time. I know you have all read my new moon so you are aware that Jupiter is in grand trine with the Sun and Moon and the fact that he is turning retrograde in the cycle is asupicious. This is a gift!

And remember, we will NOT have another Jupiter retrograde in Taurus until 2023---ask yourself, can you really afford to wait until then to fix any holes in your money? Use this time thoughtfully for the next four months let's see where we all land by Christmas!


  1. DANG I should have gotten my online shop opened yesterday! But I HAVE to be Virgo with the details, and the photos were not great. Does my having natal Jupiter retrograde, in Taurus (5th house), mean it will be okay to launch a creative online biz at this time? Or does it more strongly mean I should hold off? I have delayed a long time and thought the time is now... but this discouraged me! I'm thinking if I wait for all the planets and stars to exalt together, lol, it might never open! Thanks so much for your time, Tracy!

  2. Hmm. That is interesting that your own natal jupiter is retrograde. Hmmm. What planets will be aspected by Jupiter between now and December 25...what do you have at Zero - eleven degrees and in what sign?

  3. my Ascendant is at 1 Cap; Sun and Mars 3 Sag; and NN and Uranus in early Scorpio. Thanks, and I will look at those aspects and think about them myself. I know you must be busy; Thanks for your help!

  4. remember your business is like a baby. And just like a baby your business gets a natal chart.
    forgetting jupiter for a second...
    Do you want your Business to be a Virgo?
    Obviously, if you launched this week you will have a Sun Trine Pluto which is very nice. And even if Jupiter is retrograde it will be in trine to Pluto (who is retro).

    It will probably be in your 9th house of big goals so I could see how you would be always envisioning 'what's next?" for the business which has its perks. However, if you delayed until Jupiter was direct and launched near the Capricorn New Moon (12/24-12/27) you would have a sun conjunct Pluto which is empowering and it would be in your 1st house which is a strong placement for a business owner. The other great house for a business is the 10th... however this year Libra New Moon (end of September) is just a bitch of a chart. So, I'm a bit resistant to that launch....
    I think there is a case to be made for waiting till december that is not just about retro jupiter.
    but meditate on it all.... and of course, Good Luck!

  5. Want to inject something here-- if your natal Jupiter is in Taurus, then you're having your Jupiter return. That's tremendous luck right there, without any worry. The day after Jupiter returned in my chart, I got amazing news that changed my life for the better.

  6. Thanks again, Tracy. It seems like Jupiter retrograde says "Nope; Think again," for ANY big plans! I think the keyword is DEflation! Geez, what a week. lol Anonymous, I don't think I am having that return yet, as my Jup is in later degrees of Taurus. I think that will not be until next year, after it has turned and tracked forward some time. But you are right, that is something to look forward to; last time it returned I discovered my vocation of motherhood and it definitely heralded a great new cycle in my life!

  7. i just got a spooky email telling me i have to be very careful at the moment because if i make the wrong decisions in this moment i will never find peace, that is why i am on your site, to find out what jupiter in retrograde means. would you mind telling me if there is some looming astrological doom awaiting me? born 13 may 1971, in new your city at 1222. now living in bali indonesia (email mentioned that this was why it would all go bonkers) if you see anything and you can let me know, i would greatly appreciate it . thanks