Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Moon: Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon
August 13, 2:57pm EDT

Aquarius Moon asks us to find our friends, to find people who have similar goals & aspirations and to see how we are a part of a bigger group. For the entire waxing moon we have been finding what makes us special. We have been looking for the gifts inside us that are unique to us. How are we using our creativity? How are we a star? Now, on the full moon we take our specialness and find others who have similar ‘specialness’.

“Huh, I thought it was only ME who was special, isn’t that the point of Leo?”

Yes, it is important during this Leo lunar phase to find what makes you special and what makes you tick but now on the full moon consider what it would look like for you to reach out to others where both of you share your gifts so that you can jointly effect change.

Flavoring this Moon is a Venus conjunct Sun which also was an applying on the new moon. Venus is coloring the whole 28 days cycle but now on the full moon it is even more pronounced. If you have been sitting idle for the last two weeks not finding what you love (Venus) or your creativity, or opening your heart, well, things will ratchet up this weekend. Perhaps you will have a conversation with a friend (maybe one you haven’t seen in a long time) and this triggers your own creativity. Or someone does something that gets you wildly jealous (Leo word) which should tell you what you need or desire. Remember it ain’t about them no matter how much you believe they don’t deserve it---this is about your heart.

At the same time the Moon conjuncts Neptune which puts the emphasis on spirit. What blows in your life by an ‘accidental’ wind? What may seem random is not so random. Neptune can bring up a patina of depression but the answer can be found in quiet or in prayer. There can be illusion on this full moon. But again if you stay close to your spiritual nature you will see the bullshit for what it is.

Mars which has been nothing but a pain in the ass for the last ten days will also punctuate this full moon. It is in a semi square to the Sun and makes another annoying aspect with the Moon. Actions will hurt others. Maybe accidental. Maybe carelessness. Certainly now is not the time to be childish. No matter how much you may want to indulge in it. Rise up, my friend. Seriously, connect to your heart and take a deep breath and get up, up, up.

I think the best course of action for all of us is to find what we love. Do something that will give us pride. What will give you pride? What will give you a feeling of accomplishment? It could be as banal as finally cleaning that hideous drawer in your kitchen that you have been stuffing with crap for the last five year. Or maybe it will be a spontaneous booking of a seminar you have been curious about for a long time. Or perhaps there is an artistic project sitting around half finished.

The bottom line is that we are all feeling like we are in the middle of a big ass roller coaster with Uranus and Pluto battling (see new moon article) especially this month. God knows the news is full of the tension. But what is more important is for us to find what makes our hearts soar and then connect with others. Find a way to connect this Full Moon it could have significance for the following years remember Uranus and Pluto are squabbling until 2016 and the world will look markedly different when it is over; let’s make sure we are in a good spot. Find your heart and share it on full moon—that is a good beginning.

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