Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mars in Cancer Strikes Again

Okay, no one here who reads this column regularly was shocked by the sibling outlaws who have been on the run since the beginning of the month. Nope. We all knew that Mars in Cancer was putting the accent on childish anger and angry youth. And on a astrological perfect pitch, the three fugitives were captured just within hours of Mars oppose Pluto.

Riots in London, volatile stock market and sibling fugitives. Yep, it has been a rough Mars.

Now the question to ask yourself, are you being emotional? Are you being childish? Are you being measured? Keep the rudder on your boat and you'll make it through this week.


  1. Hi Tracy!

    I may have another Mars in Cancer topic for you. A guy on the internet has "outed" a Hollywood actor. I was just reading his statement and thought it is the T-Square speaking out of him:

    "What I have learned is this: The closer you look the more dirt, corruption and lies you will find. And I have enough of this. I have enough of false heroes and fake acts of honesty and sincerely. I have enough of Hollywood’s spineless greedy mentality slithering its way into human misery and feeding from it like a parasite.

  2. Yes. I see what you mean in terms of the Tsquare. Plus a bit of the Neptune/Mercury disillusionment. and of course speaking it!