Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Mercury Check in

Well we are more than halfway through Mercury retrograde. How are you doing?
How about those lost items?!!!

OMG, my husband, son and I have all lost things since August 2. A few items have found themselves back to us after we've done that trick I learned years ago. If you can't find something yell out the word "REACH". Yell it out a few times and inevitably the item will show up. It has something to do with our brain more than woo-woo. But yell it out and see what happens.

Of course, many items will stay lost during the entire retrograde which is definitely the case for my mini video camera. It may have been packed by my friend in her luggage but I am not going to know for awhile and I suspect it will be after the 26th.

As a reminder, you know that the retrograde is three weeks long but the actual swath of days that are influenced is greater. If you go from shadow point to shadow point It is about two and half month window. This does not mean you stop your life until the end of the shadow point. GOD, no!!!! It only means Mercury's purview is larger than the retrograde and will undoubtedly bring up subjects, moments, items for all of us to mull.

Consider what you experienced since July 15 and perhaps there has been a theme? Have things repeated? Are you in a thing with another person?
It will most likely lift after the 26th and perhaps resolve by September 9.

Here are the dates to note.

Jul 15, 2011 02:15 am 18 LEO 42' shadow point
Aug 2, 2011 11:45 pm 01 VIRGO12'Rx Stationary Retrograde
Aug 26, 2011 06:02 pm 18 LEO 42' Stationary Direct
Sep 9, 2011 08:16 pm 01 VIRGO12' shadow point

Last year I reminded everyone how a Mercury retrograde from shadow point to shadow point can be described by driving a car.

But as always, I remind you not to fear Mercury retrogrades. Make the most of them, contact people you have not reached out to in a long time. Book coffees with old friends. Send an email to someone who has been on your mind. Research, research, research anything you want to buy. Don't buy until the retro is over but get all your facts lined up. God, knows if you are measuring something, do it many times.

In particular, are you researching a way to find love? Love in another human? Love in a place to live? Love in your daily life? Work on this, that is the greatest gift you can give a Mercury retrograde (primarily in Leo) during this important Leo Lunar cycle.


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