Sunday, August 28, 2011

Virgo New Moon is up

Virgo new moon has a lot of positive aspects, Jupiter, Pluto & Venus to name a few. There is also some crank from Neptune and Chiron and yeah, we are still feeling the Mars Saturn Square which is still in the chart.

But the bottom line is we all can take care of a lot of business this month and more importantly start to work towards our future.

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Here's a snippet:

Work & Serve: BFF

And what about this Virgo lunar cycle? On the New Moon the Sun and the Moon make a trine with Jupiter and with Pluto. This is a ball out of the park astrologically speaking—when 3 planets are in trine with each other we call it a grand trine. This has double impact since it involves both moon/sun. Do you think spirit wants us to get our organized Virgo on? You bet.

Jupiter spends a year in a sign and right now it is in Taurus. Taurus rules assets, money, materials and real estate. It is the things that we hold that we value. It is an earth sign like Virgo and both of them compel us to be grounded and practical. For 28 days the accent will be on building things. With Taurus we start from the ground up. Then there is Pluto in Capricorn which is the third earth sign and he is saying, “If we are weak or corrupt at the top then we gotta work down.” So, he is working from the top down. And of course Virgo is in the middle earth sign, and she says, “Okay, whether it is from the ground or from the top, I’m ready to work!”

It will be as if we all get a new CEO and a new flock of employees who are working on behalf of us! Watch and see who comes into your life this cycle that really is an asset. Perhaps it is someone new or perhaps it is someone you didn’t realize had skills exactly that you need. Perhaps a friend tells you one thing off handedly that becomes a life coach moment (Capricorn). Maybe they tell you about a friend who has just overhauled their life (Pluto) and the strategy and manner they did it stays with you (Taurus). You keep mulling the story (Jupiter) of how they did it and you wonder if that is in synch with what you would like to do (Virgo). Perhaps there is some area of your life that you can’t just figure out and lo and behold someone steps in with the right solution or skill to fix the issue. From the high and the low vantage--there is help as Jupiter and Pluto will be talking to all of us about how to do work bit by bit and how to recalibrate our goals and our daily life. Virgo is associated with timing and we would all benefit by beginning our days with the following affirmation: “I am happy and grateful that I have perfect timing.” See what your life looks like at the end of the cycle with that powerful morning ritual. You may be surprised

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