Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuning into this week

Sorry, for the delay. I usually like to put these up on Sunday or Monday but I was swept up in last minute summer stuff....

Sunday 8/21: Venus enters Virgo http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/venusvirgocompatibility.html

Monday 8/22: Sun/Neptune: Strange energies, can’t put your finger on stuff, under currents are weird and tweaked. Fly low under the radar if you can.

Tuesday 8/23: Sun enters Virgo: Ask your Virgo to send you a link to something she/he needs and get that! Don’t surprise them with what you think they want. Get them the exact thing.

Thursday 8/25: Mars/Saturn The rubber hits the road today. If the actions are not in synch with the responsibilities it will be a sh**tstorm of a day. Better to live up to commitments today!

Thursday 8/25: Venus/Pluto: Regenerative love and money day. Shed and you will be more abundant.

Friday 8/26: Mercury Direct 6:02 PM: Hurray, the bumps are over!!!!!

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