Monday, August 8, 2011

The Road this Week

Listen, you don't need to have an eye on financial news to know this a bumpy week. The tension is greater than The Dow, and you are already feeling it.

What 911 phone call from a friend have you received in the last couple of days? How about tense emails? How is your family? Mars and Pluto are not subtle when they dig in. And gawdknows that Jupiter in Taurus Square to Sun/Moon in the Leo New Moon chart has added pressure.

Looking for this week we have the following going on:

8/8 Mercury re-enters Leo. Here comes more drama and colorful (to say the least) conversations. But also you have two more weeks of retrograde, take this time to learn about what you love.
8/8: Mercury/Neptune; Misguided thinking, deceitful conversation, illusions and depressed thinking. However, in the middle of the muck there may be inspired thoughts which could stay with you.
8/9: Mars/Uranus: Going to battle, feeling like a warrior but battling what? Arguments and abrupt actions are paramount. Unusual motives, unusual moves. Be a defensive driver. Tough and rough day.

8/11: Mars oppose Pluto . We have been building to this aspect since New Moon and this difficult aspect will color most of the week. Mars in Cancer is about emotions, family and roots, emotions and things that are our history. Mars is a warrior for those causes and can be angry childlike. Pluto in Capricorn is demanding adult behavior, responsibility. It is focused on the practical and how thinks look to the world and can be very cold. Are we going to be emotional and childlike or adult like and cold? Where is the middle ground? Tough aspect.


  1. Hi Tracy - never commented before but wanted to say that your description of 8/9 (and this whole week really) seems spot on from my position here in London, UK. Not sure how much it's being talked about in American news, but there have been senseless riots here for a couple of nights, escalating to an enormous degree last night. The riots are all started and perpetuated by young people - 'angry childlike' people if you will - and many, many shops have been smashed, looted, and burnt. Your reading of this week's stars seems so fitting!

  2. Yes, we have been getting coverage but the Navy Seals and the Stock Market have sucked up a lot of the news. I finally was able to focus on the horrifying news out London and that was when I really learned how it is Youth driven. And social networking is in the mix--(ah, you silly, Uranus, you). It strikes me curious that London youth are going off and not other countries. But the reports are saying it is not for a cause it really is more a vent. Perfectly, Mars. Sigh. maybe it will flatline by the 12th.