Tuesday, August 9, 2011

29 degrees or .......

There are times when things go through my world so fast and furiously that I can feel the pulse of something before I know why. Such has been the last four or five days. Yes, the obvious is well, obvious. My recent posting about world events have lined up astrologically. But in my personal life I have been seeing people basically imploding. I'm not saying thrown in jail type imploding but people really rattled on their core.

And they have had something in common. A planet at 29 degree Gemini.
These friends have been feeling pulled so out of their comfort level and just beaten up that they are emotionally spent. But knowing they have to make a move.

I have also seen Zero Cancer really rattled. Emotions completely over the top. And I have seen a Pluto at 29 Virgo feel like they are dying and they are at the end of their life even though there is nothing wrong with them. They are just that rattled.

How many emails can a person get which are so similar in tone without a theme being recognized?

I believe I can tie Mars to this whole upheaval. It may have moved into Cancer and be gaining distance from late Gemini but it is still close enough to hurt. I hope there will be relief by the end of the week when Mars gets further into Cancer.

I'm not tracking 29 Sag or Pisces or Zero Cap, Libra and Aries but I am going to assume they are feeling pulled to a breaking point as well.

Hang on, people it will start to loosen up a bit.

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  1. thank you for the post Tracy. It helps to know I'm not imagining something re my 29 Gemini Venus. My heart goes out to any one else feeling the unravel. Looking forward to next week.