Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Week Ahead

Last week was a mixmaster of emotions, no? Yeah, it was. So, now we are looking ahead this week. We have some nice aspects and a couple of snarky ones. Sigh. Nothing new there.

8/16: Sun/Venus: Abundant, flavorful, joy, loving, good money aspect and emotions

8/16:Mercury/Venus: Big talk day, lots of good connections. Looking backwards and finding the good.

8/16: Sun/Mercury: Clear thoughts, quick comments, sharp, walking your talk

8/17: Moon/Mars: I don’t usually fold in the moon aspects but Mars has been such an asshole all month that I felt compelled to note a Moon square Mars. Sharp moods. Stormy outbursts. Rough and tumble feelings and actions.

8/18: Mars/Jupiter: Expansive energy, bridging actions, doing big things for big reasons.

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