Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contemplating Fall

I'm beginning to get my mojo for Virgo New Moon which is a week away and it appears to be a nice moon. I will have it up by the end of the week.

However, like any good astrologer I also have my eye on all cardinal new moons and the next one will be at the end of September (27th). It is similar in tone to the July 1st Cancer Moon. If you remember that was the season of the debt ceiling debate. Rancor will be high, relationships will be stressed and there will be economic somersaults.

I don't bring up the Libra Moon to be DebbieDowner but more to remind you that you must make hay when the sun is shining. Make the most of the end of this Leo lunar cycle and the most of Virgo lunar cycle so you can be ready for Libra.

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