Friday, May 1, 2015

Coming Up This Week

This weekend we continue in Gibbous lunar Phase.  We are taking care of business and details…

Focus on:
What have we missed about our health and diet?  What goals did we set out for the year that need to be scheduled in our calendar every day?  Where do we need to do a tiny bit every day in order to achieve a bigger goal? What did we miss because we didn’t get in close and look at the details?  

5/03: Mercury Opp. Saturn.  Restricted thoughts and conversation. Feeling mentally blocked or challenged.  

Full Moon Phase
May 3
11:42pm EDT
13 Scorpio 23

Focus on:   Full Moon in Scorpio.   Being practical and solid are great  but at what point do they both turn into stuck?  When is being stuck not helping us move on? What needs to be released in order for us to move on to the next level?

A more detailed post will follow. 

Special focus:
5/04: Sun sq Jupiter.   Going overboard.  Being too big.   Stepping out of bounds. Ego unchecked.
5/06:  Walking away and building something new.  Moving on with optimism.

At the end of week …

May 7
7:24am EDT 

Focus on:  How are you sharing your executive ability?  How are others sharing their executive abilities?  How are you being an inner CEO and how are others witnessing it?  How are you being  “Taught” by a CEO?   Where do you need to access your CEO knowledge in order to build the goals that you set on the new moon?

Special focus:
5/07: Venus enters Cancer

5/09: Mercury sq Neptune:  Fritz out thinking.  Faith feels challenged by over analysis.  

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