Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon
May 18  12:13am EDT 
May 17  11:13pm CDT
May 17  10:13pm MDT
May 17    9:13pm  PDT

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As I was going through the data I kind of thought, I hope we make it on the other side.  Of course we will and that is in jest but the truth is the wacky Mars in Gemini and the Mercury retrograde are up to tricks and it is going to take a lot of slaying on our part to get on the other side of those tricksters.

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After 29 days of a fiery and robust Aries cycle we are ready for grounded Taurus, the first earth sign of the zodiac.

All the seeds we planted on our Treasure Map back at the Aries New Moon are starting to grow.   So, do we sit back and make margaritas until the fruit falls?    Not exactly.   Yes, we planted the seeds but now on each new lunar phase we should take the energy of the cycle and work with it knowing that it supports those goals set in April.  It is not that we get all OCDish about it and wake up every morning asking, “How are my goals and dreams?  “What do I need to do today to make them a reality?”   Heavens, no.  That just makes my head hurt thinking about it.   Instead we trust that the seeds are doing their job but we are also obliged to nurture them by working the energy of the different lunar cycles.  So, what do we do in Taurus?

In Taurus we learn to build things bit by bit.   We look around and see what needs work.   What needs commitment and focus?   We also take a look at our money, our properties, our resources and our love.   Taurus knows the old adage is true,  “Count the pennies and the dollars count themselves.”    We look around and ask where do we need Stick-To-It-ness?   Where are we bullish about our endeavors?  We are strong in our commitments.   What is going on with how we love and how are we loved?

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus will be getting our attention early in the lunar cycle.  Between May 21 and May 25 Venus (in Cancer) gets into it with Pluto and Uranus.   But Venus in Cancer, which is the sign of the crab has got big old pinchers and will claw back.  Watch what comes up during that window.  How does it speak to your feelings and what you value?

5/21: Venus opp Pluto:  Values okay? Or do they need to be overhauled?  Power and love at war.  Or need to die and be overhauled.
5/22: Sun opp Saturn:  Will power versus structure.  Rigidity versus flexibility.
5/25:  Venus Sq Uranus.   Twice a year we get this aspect that pits love, values, resources against CHANGE.    Try to remain flexible.

In Taurus, we contemplate what we value and how we are valued.  We do things that support our self worth.    If we have had a troubled childhood or perhaps disappointments in our love life, our family relationships, or our career, we may have walked away from the experiences with dents in our psyche.   Dents that might suggest to us that we aren’t attractive enough, or we can’t make enough money or we aren’t talented enough or no one really cares for us or we aren’t loveable.    Whatever that yucky stuff is that is deep inside you, take these 29 days to consider building up your self worth.   If you feel un-loveable then do something practical that speaks to YOU loving you.  If your money is cockeyed reach out to someone who has got their money together and ask them questions, if you feel like your creativity is low, then take a class and if your beauty feels off, get a new hair cut, get a facial, buy a new outfit.   The bottom line is Taurus is not airy-fairy, Taurus is practical and in this cycle you can do practical things that can help you pound out those dents in your self-esteem.     Or at least begin to heal them bit by bit.   Also, when Taurus is misbehaving they are stubborn and stuck.   They hold on for the silliest of reasons.  Or they hold on to ‘small’ and they hold on to ‘broken’ because it is easier to do that then get up and do new work.    If there is something you are hanging on to that has expired its shelf life then get practical and dump it.   Including beliefs.    Watch what comes up the next 29 days where you find yourself looking at your values and ask how you can build upon it and cut out any nonsense where you are still hanging on to stuff past its shelf life.    


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