Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon May 3

Scorpio Full Moon
May 3, 11:42pm EDT
13 Scorpio 22

Two weeks ago we launched the new lunar year with a fabulous Aries New Moon.   It was a chart that was free of tension and that was great news since the last four or so years Aries New Moons have had really hard aspects.       Many of us made Treasure Maps they spoke of our goals for the New Year.    It was a liberating process.   Now we are at Full Moon (in the Aries lunar cycle) in Scorpio.    

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to find the higher level of Taurus (Sun) and the higher level of Scorpio (Moon) and support our goals from New Moon.     The higher level of Taurus is the ability to show up and do the work in front of us.   To dig in and stay on task.   To not give up.   The higher level of Scorpio is to shed, to let go, to deepen understanding and SHIFT.     

“Am I working hard to move forward?”     

Or “Am I doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?”

Why is that second question important? 
Because there is a bugaboo in the full moon chart.   There is a hard aspect from righteous Jupiter.  Jupiter is big and blustery and he is extra loud in the sign Leo.   Jupiter in Leo knows passion, knows love, knows what is big and true.    And  Jupiter is pushing on the problems between Taurus and Scorpio.  So if there is a Taurus energy that is remaining stuck and obstinate and holding on tight because he wants things his way…well prepare to get busted by Jupiter who will call “Horseshit!”   And if there is Scorpio energy rigid with fear and wants to control every thought, every breath and every action (of self and others) because of fear --then Jupiter will push and say, “Horseshit!”    

Jupiter in Leo dares to dream big and is fiery and fights like such a pro that he could show two prize fighters in Las Vegas a thing or two.    He knows what his heart really wants and he has no interest in fear (Scorpio) keeping him small or creature comfort and status quo (Taurus) holding him back. 

Values will be up for appraisal.  Love.  Money.  Debt.  Sex.  Power.  Empowerment.   And above all ---Death and rebirth.
See what comes up for these three days that strikes at your very survival hood.    What absolutely needs to die? 
How is it based in fear of an ‘old’ you?
A you that you are sure is you but if you ask around you will get feedback from people who say, “To be honest, I think you are past all that.”  But yet you are holding on to that self.  
Let it go now.   Why?
Because two weeks ago on the New Moon you planted seeds for what you want this year and that fear is in direct opposition to those goals.   Let the fear go, accept the rebirth and morph. 

Note, there are beautiful aspects from Neptune and Pluto in this chart who will actively support our awareness and our shifts.     Let’s use them.

 Let’s get to where we need to get by letting go. 

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