Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Astro Week

What’s going on this week?

The weekend is Gibbous phase.   The emphasis is on “Balance”.  It started on May 29 at 4:04pm EDT.   

Focus on:
 What have we missed about finding balance?  What is totally out of whack? Where have we been overly focused and at the same time where have we been missing the point?   What corner of our life is getting no sunlight?  But the other areas are getting too much?  What have we missed about our relationships?   How are we in balance with them? Or Not?  

Special Focus:
5/29: Mercury Sq Neptune:  Dreamy thinking.  Communications are fuzzy.   Lies are in the air.
5/30: Sun con Mercury:  Thinking is elevated.  New ideas pop through the din of noise.
5/31: Sun SQ Neptune: Accent on cuckoo and crazy.   Distortions are pronounced.  Get out of the way of any circuses.      

Then on Tuesday we move into Full Moon.     Are you feeling frazzled? Is your brain feeling like it is experiencing an electrical short?   Join the club.  We are in the middle of Mercury (in Gemini) retrograde and now we get the Full Moon in Sag, Gemini’s opposite setting off even more short circuits.  
The only way to get through this period is back off from the sparks and ask, “What is the bigger picture?”  

Full Moon Phase
June 2
12: 18pm EDT
11 Sag 49

Focus on:   Full Moon in Sagittarius.  We feel overwhelmed by data and things on our To-Do list.  The brain is overflowing with so much information that we can feel like a boat without a rudder.   Not sure what direction we are taking.   The answer is to rise above the mundane crazy and look at the bigger picture.    Anything that has you saying, “YES” must respond to a larger context.   Don’t just scratch things off your To-Do list, instead ask what is the meaning of doing it?

Special focus:
6/5:  Venus in Leo

6/5: Mars sextile Jupiter:  Actions bridge fun adventures.   Joy and bravery merge.  Movements that support heart driven causes. 

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