Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's Going On?

We are in a little window right now.   Kind of a Venus sandwich, Venus opposed Pluto on May 21.  Then Sun and Saturn get into it on May 22.
Followed by Venus square Uranus on May 25.

This is all about our values.   How are you feeling valued?  What are you valuing?   Venus in Cancer is about being cozy, being with family, being sweet, finding things that are tender.   Pluto in Cap cares about what works and doesn't give a shit about sentiment.   There's only one life boat and who is getting on it? And screw the rest.   So, as you can see we may have complicated feelings on 5/21.

Sun oppose Saturn is about one thing---grow up.   Did you know you can be light and breezy (Gemini) while taking on responsibility (Saturn) and telling the truth (Sag)?   Yeah, it hurts my head, too.

5/21: Venus opp Pluto:  Values okay? Or do they need to be overhauled?  Power and love at war.  Or need to die and be overhauled.
5/22: Sun opp Saturn:  Will power versus structure.  Rigidity versus flexibility.

5/25:  Venus Sq Uranus.   Twice a year we get this aspect that pits love, values, resources against CHANGE.    Try to remain flexible.

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