Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aries Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Aries Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
September 27, 2015
10:50pm EDT

Aries Full Moon

Let’s first talk about the drama around this moon.  Yes, it is a blood moon.   Yes, it will be pink slash reddish.   It is a SuperMoon which means it is close to earth.   It hasn’t been this close since 1982 and we won’t see it again until 2033. When you look at the full moon it will be jumbo size.  It is about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter.   Hanging low in the sky in the Pacific Time Zone and higher up in the other zones.
You can read more about the technicalities eclipse HERE.

For my friends in LA the moon will rise at 6:39pm

As for the blood moon part and the apocalypse and other biblical stuff, well, that’s not my style and I will leave it to others to opine on and on.   Just Google that if you are so inclined.

In the meantime, the astrology of the moon speaks to considering how you are in relationships.   If this was Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine you would be reading all about your husband or boyfriend and how you should use this full moon to find new ways to connect with your lover.   Yeah, well this is NOT those magazines so let’s take a different path.  The first relationship you should care about is the relationship you have with self.   How is it going?  How are you taking care of your emotions?  Are you too thin skinned?  Getting worked up and personalizing stuff that has nothing to do with you?   Or are you too thick skinned? Looking the other way when people are doing something crappy to you?   Or how are you finding your inner compass?  What direction are you heading because YOU want to go there?  Or are you being pushed there by others?    Where are you a bully?   Or where are you a wuss?   When do you need to be alone?  When do you need to be with others?  Do you have any idea to find balance?   This is not the full moon to pretend you aren’t on a planet with others.    Every action has a reaction and what are you activating in self and others?   Does it speak to your integrity?   Or are your actions just you bumbling through your day?     How is that working or not working for you?

Yeah, this is not a light moon. 

You don’t get to be that big a moon with a shadow on you without some bounce back on us earthlings.    Emotions will be high but the good news, Saturn in Sag is speaking through this big ass moon with lessons that come fast and our growth will be big.    Watch and see what you learn about yourself and what you learn about yourself in relationships.   Nothing will be lost on you. 

This is a gift.   

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