Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
September 17  2:09pm EDT
Well, this is certainly humorous.  As we plot out our daily life and look and see what works and doesn’t work in our schedules we will get to experience that most noble of adventures, a “Mercury Retrograde.”    Blech.  Yeah, I know.   But listen I’m over here just like you, a wee bit nervous about broken phones, technology and miscommunication.  And yes, please dear lord, let’s all becareful about our emails!!!!!   Advice to all:  No snarky emails for three weeks during the retrograde.  Do you want to hit reply all by accident?  No.  Do you want your email forwarded?   No.     Mercury retrograde is at 16 Libra so this is focused on relationships and balance and partnerships.    Can you see how a stupid comment could hurt all of the above?  
Just to go over the dates.  
August 28 we crossed shadow point
September 17 Mercury retrograde
October 9 Mercury Direct
October 24 Mercury exits shadow point

Yes, we all know Mercury is not really going backwards (thank you astronomers who always like to point it out) but the appearance of going backwards is good enough.    Optics really is everything, talk to politicians.  Anyway, Mercury crossed its shadow point at the end of August. It goes retro on September 17  (16 degrees Libra) where it stays in CRUNCH time until October 9th  (Zero Libra) when it turns direct and we all breathe again and then it clears the window on the 24th and the whole mess will be a distant memory.  Or at least we hope. 

Just remember, Libra Mercury is all about relationships, fairness, equality, balance, playing nice, indecision versus decision, nice manners vs phoniness.  Honesty versus Passive Agreessiveness.   And given we have this retrograde taking place in Virgo Solar Eclipse lunar cycle where we are getting a handle on our daily life I would say this one bears repeating……
Honesty versus Passive Agreessiveness.   Honesty versus Passive Agreessiveness.   Honesty versus Passive Agreessiveness.  

See how that all works out for three weeks.   Just sayin’.

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