Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pluto Direct

Pluto turns Direct
On September 24 Pluto turns direct at 13 Capricorn.  Now would be a good time to remind all you with planets at 13-15 degrees of Cap, Aries, Cancer and Libra that Pluto is on your ass.   Those of you who don’t really know your chart are probably already feeling it,  but in terms of super generalizations if you are born around January 4-7 or April 3-7,  July 5-9 and October 6 – 9th give or take a day …you are feeling Pluto.   It is really simple, if you are holding on tight to something so deep in your soul you need to let go…consider letting go.   It may mean overhauling everything in your world but the truth is, it is time to overhaul it anyway.    If you feel blindsided by something, you have my compassion, one hundred percent.  But please do the best you can to get yourself out of the pain and start to rework your life.    This is one of those aspects that beg us to change our DNA.     Pluto has been retrograde since April 16.   Where have you been feeling pressure?  What have you been focusing on that needs regeneration?  Where have you been mulling a big overhaul?   Given Pluto turns direct on Virgo Lunar phase, consider how you can do a little bit of overhauling or change day by day so that months from now you are in a new place?

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