Saturday, September 12, 2015

Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

I just put up Virgo New Moon with a few hours to spare.  How very UnVirgo of me.   You will find the whole article HERE. 

Yes, it is a solar eclipse and yes we best be getting on Virgo on!   Can you do it?  I will try if you will.  

Here is some of it...but go to link for the whole magillah. 

Virgo New Moon
Solar Eclipse
September 13, 2015
2:41am EDT
20 Virgo 10

The last time we had a Virgo Solar Eclipse was in September 2007 & 2006.   Can you remember what was going on then?   Can you remember what was going on with your health?  Your diet?  You schedule?  Your calendar?  Your daily plans?  Your exercising?   How did routines play in your life?   How was your hygiene?  

How about that for an opening paragraph?  Not often you read the word ‘hygiene’ in a blog.   Oh, yes, Virgo the queen of hygiene.    Okay, so let’s get into this Virgo eclipse which for some reason I am hearing about more from friends than other eclipses.  I am confused why this one has got people hot and bothered since there are two solar and two lunar eclipses every year and occasionally some years there are six (2011). I’m not sure this one is exceptionally more potent than others but maybe that just speaks more to the circle of friends I keep. Virgo is a challenge for them!  Lol.

With a Virgo Solar eclipse we have got to look at what makes up our daily life.    Where are we going and what we are doing is important.  I don’t mean it is important because you are delivering a speech at the UN or important because you throwing a 50th party for your best friend.  I mean what you are doing and what is on your To-Do list is a reflection on who you are and what you are about.    So, how are you spending your day?   Are you taking care of a lot of people?  Are you spending a lot of time on the phone or texting trying to keep relationships going?  Are you obsessive about health issues?  Are you a hypochondriac?   Are you working every day on something that makes your heart sing?  Are you defending yourself with others?   Are you zoning out on the web or TV?   Are you getting lost in fights?   With a Virgo eclipse we need to look at our time and how we spend it as a reflection of our self-esteem.      When Virgo is misbehaving it thinks everything should be perfect or logical.   Ha!   And when things aren’t logical or perfect, then Virgo becomes a nervous wreck.  This is funny because what is really going on is Virgo is born a nervous wreck and then spends the rest of its life looking for imperfections so it has a ‘right’ to be nervous.   Yeah, read that about a jillion times.   Instead when things happen that are not logical or are not perfect, Virgo should calm down, find its center and look around at what can be improved upon but not get lost in making it ‘perfect.’      For 29 days watch the OCD!   No matter how much you justify that obsessive stuff, it is not helping your daily life.

It is interesting and I suppose a coincidence (if we believed in those) that this Virgo Solar eclipse takes place a few days after Venus turned direct.   Venus hit the shadow point in June, turned retrograde on July 25 at Zero degrees of Virgo and then turned direct on September 6.   And now here we are a handful of days later at Virgo Solar Eclipse.  What did Venus going backwards in Virgo and July tell us about what we value?  What did we learn about how we are valued by others?   What did we learn about our beauty, our money, our resources and our creativity.  What and you do we appreciate?  Take a moment and think about all of those questions.  And now think about this New Moon Solar eclipse in Virgo, which is reminding you that your daily activities and to-do list and calendar speak to what you are about.   So, the big question is, are you living a daily life that incorporates every thing you learned about your values in the last three months?   If you have not made adjustments since Venus turned direct,  now would be the time to start Virgo ‘fixing’ your calendar.     Everyone should have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment with their schedule and daily life and make the changes in their to-do list that is a life they really want and VALUE  If not, then start fixing it bit by bit.

Go to link for the rest.     Now I will find a nice candle to light in a few hours. 

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  1. Saturn in the 1st house: You may get quiet and reserved. You may have insecurities come up that suggest you are ‘not good enough’. Why you believe it? God knows I don’t know. But what is more important as those insecurities come up you will have opportunities to dig in and fix situations. You can come out of this transit even better and stronger than when it starts. And the skills you learn for the next two years will serve you the rest of your life. Remember you will not have this aspect again for 29 years. Make the most of it.

    And we should all remember that hypocrites will be BUSTED. Saturn in Sag is all about pushing those people who do not walk their talk. And yeah, big blowhards will be in the news.

    These two paragraphs speak to me personally as to the fact that I have experience the worst 12 months of my working life with respect to lies, humiliations and insults. Saturn was in my 12th house Scorpio and is now crossing my Ascendent while Jupiter is transiting my 10th house Virgo. I hope this will be change for the better.