Thursday, September 17, 2015

Saturn Returns to Sag!

Saturn returns to Sagittarius September 17

Last December (Dec 23) Saturn moved out Scorpio and into Sag.   We went from being serious about money, taxes, power, control, sex, death & rebirth issues to education, traveling, philosophical, newsmakers, literature and international issues.      Yeah, a whole different energy, right?

We didn’t get that far before it turned retrograde on June 14th and returned to Scorpio for us to go look at our money and power issues one last time and now having turned direct, Saturn returns to Sag where it will be until 2017.      Issues around freedom and optimism and adventures are accented.    The last time Saturn was in Sag was in 1985-1989 and before that 1956-1959.  

It is interesting that when Saturn moved into Sag earlier this year, it was announced that the US would normalize relations with Cuba.   How timely given that 50+ years ago when Saturn was in Sag, Castro and his guerillas were deep in their battles and by the time it wrapped Castro became president.     And  the build up for the Berlin wall to come down also took place while Saturn was in Sag in the 1980s.    Now it is kind of interesting as we watch refugees from all over migrate to Europe through Germany. 
For sure, keep your eyes out for newsmakers since we already had a taste of Saturn in Sag  

And we should all remember that hypocrites will be BUSTED.   Saturn in Sag is all about pushing those people who do not walk their talk.  And yeah, big blowhards will be in the news.

In terms of how Saturn will influence you personally and you know your chart take a read of this write up: