Friday, September 4, 2015

Venus Turns Direct September 6


September 9
4:29am EDT

As we know Venus has been in retrograde since July 25 when it turned around at zero (and change) of Virgo.   It will go back to about 14 degrees of Leo and turn direct on September 6.    We pointed the launch of Venus Retrograde and the window on last month’s Cancer cycle.  Here are the dates once again:

Put these dates on your radar:
On June 21 Venus went into its shadow (14 Leo 23) – We will revisit some of the stuff that came up after this date.
On July 25 Venus stations RX  (0 Virgo 46) – We are on Value Patrol.  Especially what we value in our daily activities. 
On July 31 Venus returns to Leo (during a full moon no less) More Value patrol especially about unbridled love versus ego. 
On Sept 6 Venus stations direct 14 Leo 23 – Oh, boy what have we learned?  And how do we apply it?
On October 8 Venus returns to Virgo –what is my daily life looking like now? 
On October 9 Venus exits its shadow (0 Virgo 46) –Phew, how is my life different now than it was on June 21st?

As Venus makes its backward journey we are processing what we value.  This happens once every 18 months.   If we believed in accidents and we don’t--- it is would be notable that Venus who is in retrograde just happens to be in conjunction with the Sun and Moon on the New Moon.   But since we don’t believe in coincidences we know that the Universe is asking us to figure out what (and probably who) we love this cycle.  Or how we are valued for twenty-nine days.    

Do people value us?  What do they value?   How do we feel about what people value in us?  Venus in Leo has a lot of pride. What and who inspires pride in our lives?  How are we being honored?  Who are we honoring?  What are we inspiring in others?  How are we inspiring other people’s pride?   How are people appreciating our creativity?   Take a look at the calendar of Venus events.   

When you get to September 6 take a moment and look back to June 21st.  What was accomplished since that point and how does it speaks to love?  What speaks to appreciation?   How far have you traveled?   The next point to stop and take a look will be October 8 & 9th.   Expect more changes between now and which could be even more profound.

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