Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Astro Week

This Astro Week
On Monday we move into First Quarter Moon.  What seeds did you plant back on New Moon.  And what did you learn during Crescent which wrapped up early in the morning on Monday and now this is the first quarter where we ACT.  What actions do you need to make that support your goals on Virgo New Moon. 
What is going on with your daily schedule?
Is it the life you want?
What actions can you take that support how you want your life?

First Quarter Moon
September 21
4:59am  EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speak to building a bridge?  What actions can you take that expand your world?  How are you stretching?  What actions can you take that speak to your real philosophy?  Or your real opinions? 

Special focus
9/23: Sun in Libra Equinox: 4:20 am EDT
9/24: Mars enters Virgo .  Here we go micromanaging the world. Sigh.
9/24:  Venus trine Uranus.  Fun doors open. Creative. Love. Money all get a shot of “new”
9/24: Sun sextile Saturn.  Work infused with play.   Finding buddies to do fun work.  

Gibbous Moon
September 24
5:40pm  EDT   


Focus on:
What have you missed about your friends?  What have you missed about being a part of a group?  What have you almost neglected in being a part of a community?   Where are the people who have similar thinking as you?  How are connected? 

Special Focus:
9/25:  Pluto turns direct 12 CAP 58  2:57pm  (Post to follow)
9/25:  Mercury square Pluto.   Harsh words.  Harsh thoughts.  Thoughts around power.  Thoughts around passive aggressiveness. 

9/26: Mars square Saturn.   Don’t win a battle and lose the war.     Actions based on microscope thoughts will not win against telescope thoughts.

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