Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon
November 25 2015
5:44pm EST

3 Gemini 20  Sabian symbol:  Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas

3 Sagittarius 20 Sabian symbol: A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents

A Gemini full moon is  traditionally light and breezy, perhaps full of a few lies, maybe a tad shallow  and a whole lot of ADHD energy.   But god knows it is good for lot of laughs especially with its partner in crime the bigger-than- life Sagittarius.    Gemini full moon is where we ping pong between being the kid in the back of the class passing notes and making fun of the teacher.  To then being the teacher at the front of the class busting the student passing the note.    Back and forth we go from shooting off our mouth like an authority to slinking away in the back of the room pretending we didn’t do anything. 
Gemini full moons in short are like every Marx Brothers movie.  Silliness in the middle of something serious and always  poking fun at human nature. 

Yes, that is a basic garden variety Gemini Full Moon.  

But right now, Earth is not in the garden section of the universe.   Nope.  Instead we are in a bumpy area where Saturn is squaring Neptune.  The last time we had that little zinger was 1998-1999.    And here we are again sixteen years later being challenged in ways we didn’t think were possible. 

How are you feeling the tension? The previous post we discussed how Saturn/Neptune feels like a cloud of victimhood covering Earth.  
We can’t see our way out of a whole lotta mess.  And sure it is scary.  It doesn’t help that this Gemini Full Moon is in that sweet spot drafting off the energy of the square that is exact on the 26th. Lucky us.

Bottom line is nervous energy abounds.  For those people who are a bit high strung, I don’t know what to tell you except go get some Valerian root or rescue remedy.    Your nerves may be shot during this full moon.
For those of you who are not the nervous Nellie types… you could be righteously digging in on something to steady your nerves whether you know it or not.   I would be very careful about that big ass opinion by the way.    As comforting as you find your indignation it could be cutting you off from real connections with others.    Religious zealots could be crazier than usual and bring out the worst in all of us.

The full moon is a three- day cycle and with this particular chart we have Mercury and Saturn influencing the Sun and the Moon.    Our brains feel stretched.    Sometimes when we are stretched we mentally go some place that makes things feel all right.  The problem is that mental vacation is not working now.   In general things that used to work for our brain may not feel satisfying.   

What do we do?  The answer is to get right down to the basics and be practical (Saturn).  What do you need right now?  That is the question many of us will ask of ourselves for three days.  Maybe it is a nap?  Maybe it is a quiet moment. Maybe it is a sweet snack.  Maybe it is three-minute call with someone sane.  
Whatever it is—just do it.   Be practical about shit.  That is where  you will find liberation.  Don’t go off in some kind of mental masturbation where you are thinking about a future scenario three months from now or a year from now or ten years from now. Stop it.    Instead go to the here and now and think about practical solutions to ---anything.     

Pisces and Sagittarius (Neptune and Saturn) speak of faith.  One is blind trust – Pisces.  One is experiential faith, “I swear I prayed for it and it showed up”—Sagittarius.      How do we find faith when things feel surreal?     

Questions to ponder…
Where do my thoughts take me when I get nervous?
Where is my inner teacher? 
Where is my inner guidance?
Where is my inner guru?
When do I need to talk to someone just for two minutes?
How do I find relief mentally?
Is there a new way to find relief?
What makes me laugh?
Who can make me laugh when things feel lame?
Who can remind me there is a pony under all that shit?
What is just super silly and how can I be rescued by it?

Watch what comes up and remember…..we’re all in this Jean Paul Sartre novel together. 

Find the humor if you can.  Or just find your neighbor or sibling and chat. That will help.

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