Monday, November 23, 2015

Saturn Neptune

This write up about Saturn/Neptune is from my New Moon article which was written about five days before the Paris terrorist attack.    

On November 26 Saturn will square Neptune for the first time (7 degrees).    The next square will take place on June 17, 2016  (12 degrees) and the final square will take place September 10, 2016 (10 degrees).   This is a long year.  I started talking about Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces earlier this year and that there may be some crisis in faith for a lot of people.    Now here we are at the first aspect.    Okay, first order of business is look at your chart.   If you have any planet at 7, 12 and 10 degrees Pisces (or in between), Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius----well, you don’t need me to tell you but you are already feeling like you are being drilled.    For the rest of us, many are feeling our faith being tested, our visions being thwarted or our dreams fading.   “What does my future look like?”  That is the question many of us are asking.   This is of course not a new question but right now it feels different.   If before we were able to reply, “Oh, I dunno but it will be okay.”  Now we are not trusting the ‘okay’ like we did in the past.    

I don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about my own chart in these monthly reports but I would like to share that I have Saturn in Sagittarius.   I’m about to enter my second Saturn return so I’m probably a bit more aware of the power of this aspect than others.   Actually my whole little tribe of people born between 1956-1959  is very in tune and perhaps will be able to offer some guidance.   Those of us with Saturn in Sag are here to teach.   We are not necessarily teachers in our careers but our archetype is teacher, philosopher, humorist, visionary and adventure guide.  But we didn’t get to our position by waking up one day and god tapped us on the shoulder like a fairy godmother and presto we suddenly have insights.  Hell no.  Any insights we got came from a lot of hard work and a lot of stupid mistakes.  Let me raise my hand on that one!   But now we are in our mid to late 50’s and we find ourselves in the astro news because Saturn is in Sag again and it is poking Neptune in Pisces.    So, we better find our mojo and bring our insights out and be supportive when asked and maybe even when not asked.       

So what does it all mean?   There is not an astrologer on this planet who has not watched those Syrian refugees on boats washing up on shore in Greece or Macedonia or wherever they are landing and has not thought about Saturn Sag square Neptune Pisces.  Long travels (Sag) on the sea (Neptune) by victims (Pisces) of a harsh (Saturn) regime.  And all of us feel helpless to remedy the situation (Square).   Remember we have been building to this aspect for months and months.   And when that dead little boy landed on shore and the photo went around the world faster than the speed of light, I know I thought—
“Oh, Saturn square Neptune.”   

We still do not have the answer to the Syrian problem but my gut says that the news reports will activate a person or people or country or something and from that will be born a solution.   I do think it is interesting that this Saturn/Neptune cycle we now are experiencing ties back to 1989-1990 when Saturn conjunct Neptune.   That was the same period that the Soviet Union broke up.    And here we are with Putin backing Bachar Al Assad of Syria.   Also and I don’t want to bog this down with too much world news astro stuff but for those people who are paying attention, Assad was born in 1965 during the Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunction.  I invite you to look at his chart and note his Virgo Sun oppose his Moon in Pisces and think about Saturn/Neptune today.     Anyway, this year’s aspect is also tying back to 1998-1999 at the first set of squares.   Then the opposition between 2005-2008 and now we are experiencing the final set of squares.  Ask yourself what was going on with you around any of those dates.  

But at the core of the square we should be asking…..What is our faith?  What is our religion telling us?  What is our spirituality telling us?  Where do we need to get some perspective?  Where do we need to broaden our view?   How are we getting quiet and asking god for answers?  Can we hear the answers?    Maybe we can ask someone for help.   And yes, my little tribe of Saturn in Sag may be helpful on man to man combat.  Meaning you may find yourself bumping into us and asking for insight.   Or perhaps the group just after me, (born 1985-1989) is going to offer some hard concrete answers in between their own crisis of faith.   Maybe we are all going to have one Giant Twelve Step meeting across the world and support one another by sharing our own flaws.    I dunno.  All I know is that if you are feeling like you are losing your shit get quiet, find your faith, and if you can’t then reach out and see if there is someone with a little more faith in you (than you) and ask them to tell you what they see.   

Again we are in this window for the next year punctuated by the exact dates (November 26, June 17, September 10).


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