Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Neptune direct Nov 18

Neptune turns direct Nov 18.   Neptune spends half the year retrograde and this year it turned retrograde on June 12th.  How has your intuition been talking to you since June?   Have you been activating your psychic ability?  How has your spirituality been pronounced?   How about religion?   Are you finding your way in your faith?   Now with Neptune turning direct we may access our faith, intuition and spirit in new ways or at least with a new vigor.   It is worth reminding everyone that Neptune is in its home sign Pisces.   How extraordinary for all of us to be alive and to experience Neptune in Pisces.   The last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1848-1861.    It takes about 160 years for Neptune to travel into Pisces so we are not going to have this experience again in our lifetime.   Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and so we are still in the beginning of our journey.   By the time it leaves Pisces in 2026 we will have a greater understanding of compassion, humanitarianism, art, music, intuition, faith and spirituality.     Just for fun why don’t you google some of your favorite Impressionist artists and see how many were born during the 1848-1861 window.   I hope I live long enough to see what the little future artists in toddler classes right now will be creating about thirty years from now.     For those of you with little babies you might want to pick up Doreen Virtue’s book Crystal Children.   You’ve got something special in your house wearing a poopy diaper right now.  In the meantime the rest of us should find our inner Van Gogh and inner visionary.   See what pops up after Neptune turns direct that speaks to your soul.

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