Saturday, November 21, 2015

Astrology This Week

This week is punctuated with Saturn square Neptune on Nov 26.   I don’t know what I can say that you aren’t already feeling.   I guess for people who are getting married, having a baby or experiencing a big career move…you guys are probably super happy, despite Saturn and Neptune.  Good for you.  Now for the rest of us….   Let’s all just take some valium and try to get through it.   Yeah, it is rough.    See the separate post on Saturn Square Neptune.  But just know you aren’t going crazy…we’re in a cold ass astro time.  

Other aspect that have got our attention is Venus opposing Uranus.  “Hey, who took my wallet?”  “Hey, who took my husband”  “Hey, who took my collagen?”  

We end the week with Chiron finally turning direct after five months of retrograde in 18 Pisces.    Perhaps we can take a break of beating ourselves up?   Lord let it be so.   

Gibbous Moon
November 22, 2015
11:00am EST

Focus on:
What have you missed about being out front?  What have you missed about being independent?  What have you missed about hearing your own voice?   Where do you need to break out?  

Special Focus:
11/23: Venus oppose Uranus.  Crisis or Breakthroughs in Love, Values and money.
11/24: Mercury conjunct Saturn:   Thoughts are crystallized.   Communication is succinct.    Editing one’s comments is easy. 
11/25:  Mercury square Neptune.  Totally different day then yesterday.  Thoughts are fuzzy, dreamy.   Plans drift along.   Spiritual thinking feels rubbed up against fiery thinking. 
11/25:  Mercury Sextile Mars.  Playful talk.   Jabs and pokes, stirring stuff up.   Then a big laugh.   Actions get wild thoughts. 

Full Moon Phase
November 25, 2015
5:44pm EST
3 Gemini 20

(Post to follow)

Special focus:
11/26: Saturn square Neptune: (separate post)
11/28:  Chiron turns direct.  Pisces

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