Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Astro Week Ahead

We have moved off of new moon phase and are into the crescent phase on the 15th.   Seeds that were planted since November 11.   Who did you see?  Who did you hear from?  Where did you reach out?  Where did you start a new discipline?  Where did you say Goodbye?  What/who did let die in order for a rebirth?    Now on crescent we get information that supports the bigger picture of the seeds we planted.   Watch what comes up.

Crescent Moon Phase
November 15, 2015
10:05am EST

Focus on: What are you learning about your business acumen?  How are you working with establishment?   How are you showing leadership?  How are moving out in the world?  How are you working hard for what you believe in?   How are you building something important?

Special Focus:
11/17: Sun conjunct Mercury: Penetrating insights.  Deep conversation.  Strategic thinking.
11/18: Neptune Direct 7Pisces01  See additional post. 

First Quarter Moon
November 19, 2015
1:27 am EST

Focus on:  What actions can you take that support your community?  What actions are you taking with like-minded people?  What actions are you taking that connect with others?  How are you using WWW?  What actions are you taking that further  your goals of the seeds you planted on New Moon?  How is a cool head helping?

Special focus
11/20: Mercury in Sagittarius
11/20:  Venus square Pluto:  Money & Power, Love & Power, empowerment versus power hunger.  What values need a resurrection? What power needs to be balanced against real values?
11/22: Sun enters Sagittarius

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  1. To noč bo minilo natanko eno leto, odkar je Amanda spoznala svojega častilca satana v satanističnem templju v diskoteki.