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What I remember about 9/11 is that astrologers had been talking about it long before planes crashed in lower Manhattan, DC and Pennsylvania.    It started in1999, when I began to read articles and talk to other astrologers about Saturn oppose Pluto, which was due to arrive the summer of 2001 and would last until May 2002.   The last time Saturn opposed Pluto was 1965-66 and the time before that was 1931.   Even if you have only a cursory knowledge of US and world history you would know that 1965 and 1931were very troubling times.    Astrologers were talking a lot about the summer of 2001.   Adding more fuel to the fire, Mars the warrior was beginning a long transit in Sagittarius stretched by a retrograde. Normally Mars is in a sign for about three weeks but in 2001 Mars would be righteous Sagittarius for six months.  It would drive over Pluto in March 2001 and would not leave Sagittarius until September 9. With these volatile aspects front and centered in 2001, astrologers had their antennae up.    

I know I spoke a lot about it in 1999 and 2000 with my astrologer friends and most of us were circling the idea of religious war and zealotry.   However, twenty guys taking over four planes was not something I was talking about.  I’m not that clever.   Dear lord no one but Tom Clancy could come up with that scenario.    But we all knew it was astrologically a hot hot hot summer.     

On a personal level, life goes on even if you can draft troubled astrological charts.  1999 began a beautiful period in my life.  First I got married in the fall of 1999 and then a pregnancy in the fall of 2000.   I was neither a young bride or pregnant mom-to-be so this was a new era for me and a very joyful time.   However, I remember it was a couple days after one of my early doctor appointments when I got gonged on the head by my inner astrology muses and realized, “Holy shit my baby will be born with those effin’ aspects!”   Nice mouth for a mom-to-be but I was on alert.    As we got closer to the end of the pregnancy that summer, it was clear that it would be an induced labor and I picked the day that was best supported by the moon to take the edge off Saturn, Pluto and Mars.   What was interesting for me was years later when my son started Pre School and Pre-K it seemed like there was a lot of bumpiness with the kids in the class and I thought, “Everyone working out that Saturn/Pluto.”  Since my son was a summer birthdate I was able to have him repeat Pre-K and when he was with this group, they seemed to be more settled and calmer, many born after the opposition and free of the wound up Mars in the mix. 

On September 11, 2001 my phone started ringing early in the morning.  It went to voice mail.   Then it rang again.  It went to voice mail.   When it rang for the third time I said to my husband, “Something is going on.”  I picked up the phone and it was my friend saying that our friend was okay and alive.  I said, “What do you mean he is alive?   Why wouldn’t he be alive?”   My friend continued, “Because he was on the subway a few blocks north of the World Trade Center.”   I still was confused, “So?”   He then realized I was in the dark.  “Tracy the World Trade Center is destroyed, they both are down, we were attacked.”    I yelled to my husband to put on the TV and the two of us got back in bed and watched horrible images for hours.    I remember nursing my sweet two month old baby boy thinking, “What is this new world we have given you?”    I don’t know if I have that answer now fifteen years later.  Honestly, between 9/11, Katrina, The Tsunami in the Indian ocean,  Fukushima,  Paris, San Bernardino, the list is endless.  Of course gallows humor gets many of us through our days and I have joked many times, “I feel like we were puttering along with our lives and then one day we woke up in a Michael Bay film.”     

This particular 9/11 anniversary may have a little more sting for some of us not just because it is 15 years but also because Saturn in Sagittarius is only a few degrees from where Pluto was back in 2001.   Kind of like going back to an old wound and picking at the scab.   Sigh. 

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