Monday, September 5, 2016

Jupiter in Libra September 9

Jupiter in Libra
September 9, 7:18am  edt

For those of us who have planets in mutable signs we have not enjoyed Jupiter’s last year or so in Virgo.  Ah, no.   And in fact no one on earth really enjoyed it when Jupiter got into tussles with Neptune and Saturn in 2015.  It was tough.    
But now on September 9 Jupiter will move out of mutable Virgo and into cardinal Libra.    Jupiter in Libra is putting the focus on our relationships and partnerships and finding balance.   This is tricky given we are asking a ginormous planet with a mega gravitational pull to help us find balance.  How is that possible?  Easy, it will do it in a BIG WAY, that’s how.  Jupiter will wrap up next fall (October) when it moves into Scorpio.  In the meantime we will see a ton of over the top loves and weddings.   Cue the horse drawn carriages on the golf courses.   Everyone will be having a big fat greek wedding even if they aren’t greek.   Showy expressions of love will be out there for all of us to see.   At the same time we should expect big movements in international negotiations.    Perhaps peace treaties with long term warriors.  I would think the UN will be in the news or Nato.    There will be some hurdles in 2017 when Jupiter gets into a tussle with Pluto and then Uranus but we’ll deal with that later.   In the meantime we may feel a big boost of good cheer come in with Jupiter after the 9th.  What again is interesting that we get this perk from Jupiter less than 24 hours before the final square of Saturn and Neptune.  Perhaps Jupiter’s generous spirit will help us tidy up our belief system of messy contradictions? 

More to come on Jupiter in Libra going forward.

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