Friday, September 2, 2016

Trump VS Clinton September Astrology

Trump & Clinton:  September  Astrology  

Political pundits will tell you that USA general elections really begins after Labor Day.    I’m not sure that applies in this particular freak show year but sure it probably will gain stream.    So, let’s take a look at the transiting planets for both Trump and HRC for September.

First of all we need to look at the basic astrology going on for September that has nothing to do with the election.   Currently, the twenty-nine day lunar cycle launched on September 1st with the Virgo Eclipse is generating high tension.   Then of course we are in Mercury retrograde for three weeks.  And the last Saturn/Neptune square takes place in middle of September.   Okie Dokie, if this was a non election year this month would have plenty of skank moments on its own, now add politicians weighing in on the moments?  Blech.   Anyway, let’s look at Trump & HRC for September.

Trump’s transiting chart is very fiery this month.    Mars & Uranus, Mars & Moon and Mars & Sun will bring out the red meat baiting warrior.   A kinder gentler DJT is not happening with these aspects.  Probably a lot of stepping on his own johnson with that much mars. And it will get even more theatrical when Mars goes into his 5th house of DRAMA.   Cue the fireworks!   But no one should be suggesting a complete implode.   Especially with Uranus trine Moon also in his astro playbook.      There will be out of the blue surprises in his favor going forward.     And with Neptune trine Mercury the surprises might even look divine.   Both Neptune & Uranus will be in effect until Feb.  

September - Feb 2017.   Neptune trine Mercury. Inspired  thinking and confused thinking. A period of reflection and finding grace. 
September: Mars oppose Uranus.  Chaos actions, disruption, aggression.  Erratic energy in public and in private. 
September: Mars conjunct Moon:  Ouch.  Anger with close relatives and family.  Anger with women in general.  Anger rhetoric.   
September:  Mars opposition Sun.  Heated rhetoric.  Mental anxiety.  Mercurial.  Shallow.  Actions and talk are out of sync.  
September: Mars trine Mars. Actions line up with unconscious motivations.  Energy flows again. 
September: Mars trine Asc.  Self confidence boosted again.   Physical vitality perks up.  
September - November.  Mars in 5th house.  Accent on theatrics.  Accent on heart.  Creativity up.  Ego up. 
September - Feb.  Uranus trine Moon.  Unusual and major breakthroughs in emotions.  Feeling the desire to make major changes in home.  Feeling restless.  Women mix things up.

HRC’s transiting chart for September until January has super fuzzy Neptune on top of her moon.   “Earth to Hillary. Earth to Hillary”,  connecting to reality will be challenging.    There will be a melting of reality.   Perhaps this comes with a Presidential win or perhaps this comes with more disclosures from Julian Assange.   Or perhaps it is both.    Pluto is in good aspect with Venus and transiting Jupiter to natal Jupiter will both bring opportunities in Sep & Oct.    If her birth time is correct, Mars entering her second house will bring more dough and more resources.    She is also supported by Mars with Saturn. Great for building upon something.     But like Trump, Mars will also be opposing her Uranus, the disruptions will either come from her own efforts or from out of the blue outside influences.   There are some earthquakes.  How big?   Unclear. 

September  - January  Neptune conjunct Moon:  Feeling connected to humanity, feeling lost, feeling a part of a wave.   Overwhelming feelings.  Staying grounded and connected to reality is challenging.  Turn to others for reality check.

September & October.  Pluto trine Venus:  Evolution of values.  Empowerment through love.  Psychology of love and value.  Influx of appreciation that creates evolution.

September:  Jupiter sextile Jupiter:  Outside sources build bridges.  Travel is beneficial.   Stretching feels in sync with big goals.
September:  Jupiter moves into 11th house (*).  Boost of groups and association.  Feeling connected to like minded thinkers.

September - October: Mars into 2nd house (*).  Boost of money, wanting to feel connected to creature comforts.  Accent on material resources.
September.   Mars trine Saturn.  Actions and hard work are solid.  Sticking to routine and discipline presents strong results.
September:  Mars oppose Uranus.  Desire to break free from restrictions.  Restless.  Impulsiveness. Sudden changes may pop up.