Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mercury Direct 9/21 & 9/22

Mercury Direct

The Mercury dates are as follows:
Mercury enters shadow August 10
Mercury station retrograde August 30 at 29 Virgo
Mercury station direct September 21 at 15 Virgo
Mercury exits shadow October 6

So, we enter the Virgo Eclipse and 29 day cycle with Mercury retrograde.   On September 10th we have Saturn & Neptune and their tough square sucking up all the oxygen in the room,  we have Jupiter the day before making a change into Libra and then on September 16 we have the Pisces Lunar Eclipse full moon and then on September 21 Mercury goes direct.   I wonder if we will even notice?  I mean yes, we might feel some relief but when you are traveling through that rough terrain it is hard to figure out the rocks from the holes.  It is all yucky.   Anyway,  Mercury will go straight on the 21st.   Hurray!   Our brains will have been to a certain extent sleep walking since August 30th.   Not 100 percent but we will be so busy doing that you can’t even think for three weeks.   If you have ever had a family member die and all the stuff you have to do for the funeral and other arrangements you don’t really have a chance to think.  Or if you have been in a natural disaster you can’t really think about your situation outside of the basics, do I have water?  Do I have shelter?   Do I have food?   That’s sort of what is going on with this Mecury retrograde.  We will be dealing with so much that Mercury can only say, “Sorry about screwing up your computer but come on, all things being equal that is not that big a deal.” 

And he might have a point.

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