Monday, September 5, 2016

Saturn Vs Neptune: Final Round Sept 10

Saturn/Neptune Final Square
The last round of this square will take place on September 10 9:03am (edt).  As the tension builds towards this date and as it unwinds after the 10th, we would all be served to connect up with what we believe.  Do we think we are constantly victimized?  Are we delusional about people places or situations?  Do we deny things that are obvious?  Are we addicts?  Are the people in our life addicts?   Are we righteous?  Are we following righteous people over a cliff?   What is true in YOU?   We all have to wake up with ourselves in the morning.  What are your choices saying about your beliefs?    And of course are you and the people in your life Walking their Talk?     What does that mean for you? 

Just to make sure your bases are covered and you are up to speed with Saturn/Neptune here are a few other thoughts on it.  


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