Monday, September 12, 2016

Pisces Lunar Eclipse - September 16

Pisces Lunar Eclipse
September 16, 2016
3:05pm EDT

We began this lunar phase on September 1 with the Virgo Eclipse.  We are half way in a twenty-nine day cycle of keeping centered while searching out what is real and true.    We have been walking our talk.  And if we have not then we have felt ‘off’.  If others have not been doing it we feel ‘off’ about them.   At the Pisces lunar eclipse we go deeper on truth.   Not the truth we tell each other, but the truth we know when we wake up in the morning and look at ourselves in the mirror.    Are we playing a game with ourselves?     Are we pretending we don’t know something?  Are we playing Kabuki theater with people we love?   How about with ourselves?   With a Lunar eclipse on Chiron, be prepared for Kabuki theater to implode.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  When you look at a prison or a hospital or a large corporation you see a community on the other side of a wall with its own rules and hierarchies, a world within a world.  That is Pisces.    When you go into church and feel a holy spirit that is Pisces.  When you meditate and connect to something huge and void at the same time, that is Pisces.  When you reach out to help someone and feel your humanitarian heart expand, that is Pisces.    When you have a dream about someone and they call you the next day or you go into an old hotel and feel a ghost sit next to you that is Pisces.  And feeling out of control on the edge of lost is Pisces.     Getting the idea of Pisces? 

It should be obvious Pisces is beyond the usual grunt world.   But, of course we are in Virgo lunar phase, which is all about the power of the grunt.  We are in the middle of this cycle where we are taking responsibility for our daily life.  We are doing the hard work of putting something in the calendar and following through with it.   That is Virgo.   Can you see the challenge of merging both Pisces unworldliness and Virgo grunt?   Our hurdle is to not get lost in the weeds and not get lost in space.

On this Pisces lunar eclipse we are further challenged by a conjunction with Chiron.  Ouch.  Chiron heals but he tends to take the most painful way to the healing.   Some of us will be looking at our insecurities.   How are they keeping us back?   Not on a shallow level, “Oh, I don’t want to go to that event because I look fat in the only black dress that fits.”   Ha!  If a Chiron Moon eclipse were only that simple!   Instead, for the three days of the full moon some of us will feel rattled on our core.  Insecurities will be high.  The solution is to make the changes right now in your daily life that address that which rattle us.  Not fix the issue.  No one is asking for instant healing.  But what small change can you make that addresses the issue?  One small step.  That intent is what is important.      

We will see some unhinged people and unworldly situations around us and in the news.     Especially with Mars in Sag in all its piss and vinegar and high rhetoric.  

But don’t get too worked up, settle your nerves through your calendar.  Go to the market.  Clean the fridge.  Clean the cupboard.  Pay a bill.     Grunt will help us as we process the bigger story that is going on around us. And prayer helps, too.    That full moon up in the sky is full of faith.    Let it shine on you.