Monday, September 25, 2017

Jupiter Oppose Uranus

Jupiter’s move  

On September 27 Jupiter will make its final opposition to Uranus.  The first hit was December 26 then March 2 and now we complete the process.   Jupiter in Libra has been speaking to us all about fairness and partnerships.  Uranus in Aries wants to break new ground and embrace revolutionary thinking.    Did you take your relationships to new territory in late December?  Did something revolutionary happen?  Perhaps it was a small change but important change.    How about March?  Any changes then?    Did you feel something shift at the beginning of June with your relationships?   At that point Jupiter went direct and we felt the energy rev up.    What has felt fair and what has felt unfair in your relationships?   Expect one more shot of adrenalin in your partnerships or relationships as we head to the final Jupiter-Uranus opposition.      Special shout out to our Aquarian friends, Jupiter may be pushing you a wee bit harder since Uranus is your ruling planet.  Where do you need to get out of Dodge? Where do you need to break free?  Or from whom?   How would you benefit by international input?    Or your education what needs to be a tune up?    Once Jupiter makes contact with Uranus we may have something come up where we say---“oh, you again” this time use the Virgo lunar cycle to fix it.   And then about two weeks later Jupiter leaves Libra for Scorpio and will not return to Libra for 12 years.   So, let’s make the most of the Jupiter oppose Uranus and the final days of finding balance and fairness in Libra.   Because after October 10---well it is not about balance.  

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