Monday, September 25, 2017

Pluto Direct

Pluto direct  
9/28: Pluto direct 3:35pm 16 Cap 51

Speaking of things intense and some times dark we have Pluto going direct the day after Jupiter opposes Uranus.   Wow.   The great divine is really getting our attention.   Pluto spends half of every year either going direct or going backwards.   Back in April Pluto turned retrograde.  The lessons of Pluto in Capricorn are pretty easy to see.  Who are our leaders?  How are our organizations?  How are our businesses?  How are the finances of our democracies?   How is big business working for us?  How is it not working?   On a personal level—what kind of CEO are you in your own life?  Are you rewarding yourself with well- deserved bonuses?  Are you a harsh boss harping on all your mistakes?  Are you not paying yourself enough in money or praise?  Are you cheating yourself on some level?  And how are you short changing your own power?   What have you learned since April about what empowers you?   And what have you learned since April about the value of letting things die?  How can you use that knowledge to improve your life in a daily manner?  

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