Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pisces Full Moon -- September 6

Full Moon Phase
September 6, 2017
3:02am EDT
13 Pisces 53

Once a year we are gifted by Pisces full moon.  However, it does not always look like a gift.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the final water sign.  Pisces rules the ocean and the world that is deep below the surface.   In Pisces we are reminded that all is not as it appears.  As you stand on the beach and look off into the blue horizon you admire the peaks and valleys of the waves rolling to shore.  You notice sea birds diving and you consider how the shades of blue between the ocean and the sky meet at some point off way in the distance.  All very lovely.  However, what you don’t think about are the thousands of fishes and sea creatures (some of them surreal) all living together miles under the ocean.  They are in their own world, which can’t be seen by us.   This is Pisces.  Worlds behind worlds.  Have you considered how you connect to others in worlds that you can’t see?  What is that connection?  During Pisces full moon the world that can’t be seen and the connections we have to things greater than us become front and center. 

Intuition and guts will be up for us. Watch what comes up in the next three days that seems different and makes you feel like you are in a different place.    As if you have caught a current in the ocean at night and in the morning you find yourself some place ‘different’.  This is when we call upon our gut.   Have we spent all year ignoring our gut?  Or marginalizing our gut?   This is the gift of Pisces when our gut comes up from some unknown place and speaks to us.  Or more to the point it could have been talking to us all year but now we listen to it.

Curiously, Neptune who rules Pisces is on top of the Moon pulling ever so much harder towards understanding the things that can’t be understood.  For three days we may be tugged by emotions.   Stories of victims whether it is in the news or it is close to home may be up for us to consider.  Our own emotions can feel stronger and maybe overwhelming.  Kindness and sensitivity could take center stage while the Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn strengthens our ability to serve a greater cause.  We find empowerment quickly when we need it.  If you find yourself depressed or sad let the emotion course through you for sure but don’t be victimized by your own emotion.  Instead treat it like waves or tides that may comes crashing or pulling but it will also recede.   This is the power of water.   If you have trouble feeling grounded than use the power of Sun in Virgo trine Pluto and take care of your to-do list.  Or make sure you are being of service somewhere.  Take care of your body.  The truth is that a boat will serve us all during the Pisces full moon and the rudder on the boat is taking care of your body and being of service.

And of course remember the saying--- “All things will come to pass”  This is truth.

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