Sunday, September 10, 2017

This Week in Astrology

We start the week with Disseminating Moon.

On the 9th, Mercury returns to Virgo having not been at this point since the end of July and although Mercury is no longer retrograde the final shadow point ends on September 12th.  Now in Virgo again we cross our ts and dot our I’s.  We looks at areas that we have neglected especially matters of health and hygiene and diet.   And of course our critical thoughts may be up.  Okay, we all think we could do something better than we did it before.  Constructive criticism is important.  But sloppy negativity?  No one wants.   Work on fixing the things you can and be gentle about the rest.

End of the week we  have the annual Saturn square Sun  (9/13) which suggests a grind between getting a big picture versus going in tight with details.   It is important to not go for one and ditch the other.   We must have a goal and we must have a plan of small actions to make the goal.   Also on 9/13, we move into Third Quarter Moon where we do our final actions on any seeds we planted back on the new moon.  Remember the new moon was the eclipse on 8/21.  Doesn’t that feel like a million years ago? It was only three weeks.  What areas of your life need strength, love and joy?   Go ahead and address yourself and do some work to improve those areas.  Like a greedy child who wants summer to never end…lap up the final days this Leo lunar cycle.  Have fun, be big,  be strong –love!

Focus on:  How are you sharing your concreteness?   How are you sharing your resources?  How are you showing your practical nature?  How are you sharing the power of building something from the ground up?  How are you sharing the value of finances and properties? 

Special focus:
9/9: Sun Trine Pluto:  Death and rebirth are a joyous experience.  Transformation feels light and easy. 
9/9: Mercury enters Virgo
9/12: Venus trine Saturn.  Values are supported and given structure.

Last Quarter Moon Phase
September 13,
2:24pm  EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that support communications?  What actions are you taking support connections?  What actions are you taking that support  lightness?  What actions are you taking that support siblings or neighbors?   How are you resisting gossip?

Special focus:

9/13: Sun square Saturn.  Frustration, delays, hurdles Micro versus Macro –finding the place in the middle is difficult.

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