Monday, September 4, 2017

Mercury Direct September 5

The shit show is over.
Possibly one of the hardest Mercury retrogrades I can remember is fini.
September 5
7:29am EDT
28 Leo 25

Are we done being wound up and insecure and neurotic?   Probably not but did we learn a lot about the power of finding our self esteem since this nonsense began on August 12?

Go back to the solar eclipse on August 21.  What came up?  Was it about love & power?   What is your brain telling you now about love, empowerment and bravery?   If you weren't ready back then to get your authenticity on are you up to to move the switch now?

How is drama working?     Look back to Aug 12 and assess what you have learned.

I'm pretty sure we all agree it has been one strange trip.

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