Monday, September 18, 2017

Venus Crosses the Eclipse Point

On September 18 Venus crosses the eclipse point from August 21st.    It is hard to believe but it has been less than a month since the huge solar eclipse.  I know, I know it seems like a half a year ago instead of 26 days.   Venus the planet of love and values is now driving over the point of the eclipse at the 28 degree mark of Leo.    
As you remember the eclipse spoke to our strength, our courage, our authenticity and being brave especially in our heart.    Now we have Venus the planet of love visiting those same issues.   How do we value or love courage?  How do we love strength?  How do we value authenticity?  And what is the status of our self love?   Who is attracting our attention?  Where are we turning on our magnet so that we are attracting power & strength & love?   Venus' more abrasive partner Mars already drove by the eclipse point on September 3, Mercury actually turned direct on September 5 at the eclipse point--so our actions (Mars) and our brain and thinking (Mercury) stopped by 28 degree of Leo and got love and strength in their sights.   And now the belle of the ball is finally sashaying up to her own issues around love and strength.   What can we learn from Venus?   Watch the day and see if you are pulled or tugged towards issues of strength and courage.   And watch what your magnetism attracts    Remember Venus because she speaks to values includes issues around money, creativity and beauty- where does self love benefit those matters?  Again what are you attracting?    Pay attention so you can take the gifts of Venus.

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