Sunday, September 24, 2017

This Astrological Week

This Astrological Week

We begin the week in a Crescent Moon.   Lots to think about that speak to our black/white nature.   Our definitive nature will be up.    On the 27th the final pass between Jupiter and Uranus will be up our grill.   Relationships and issues of fairness and independence will be pronounced. And big rhetoric.   See separate post.   And on the 28th Pluto turns direct.  How’s your leadership looking?   More will be revealed during the next six months which will probably push on all of us.  Lots to figure out. See separate post. 

Focus on: What are you learning about transformation?  What are you learning about power or empowerment?  What are you learning about death and rebirth?  What are learning about ‘letting go’?  What are you learning about taxes and legal matters?   And what are learning about investments?

Special focus:
9/24:  Mars oppose Neptune.  Actions that are confused.  Creativity that feels rushed.  Energy not consistent.  Goes in fits and starts.
9/25: Mercury square Saturn:  Bravado thinking gets doused with cold water.  Getting lost in minutia and missing big ideas.   Big ideas miss the details.

9/27: Jupiter oppose Uranus.  (see separate post)

First Quarter Moon
September 27, 2017 
10:53pm EDT

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that support your business?  What actions are you taking that are sober, smart and celebrate your inner CEO?  What actions are you taking that support your structure as a leader?   Where do you need to just stand up and do the right thing and put it out there?

Special focus

9/28: Pluto direct 3:35pm 16 Cap 51 (see separate post )
9/29: Venus oppose Neptune.  Love & money feel fuzzy, muted.  Values melt.  Delusion and illusion around love and money and creativity.
9/29:  Mercury enters Libra
10/1: Mars trine Pluto.  Actions that transform are very powerful.  Actions that speak to morphing. 

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