Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Explosions

No I am not putting up any photos. 

It is too early to tell the who or why but we do know the what.  Two explosions went off at the end of the Boston Marathon today.   Several people were killed and scores injured.  

As I indicated last week this 28 day Aries lunar cycle has a angry warrior energy in the mix.  Again we don't know the who or why but I think we can agree, it was an angry move setting off those bombs. 

I have not drafted the chart.     But I do know that the Sun and Mars are in conjunction (exact) on Wednesday and certainly that is an explosive energy.  I had posted such.  

I also thought of Sun/Moon semi square Neptune on the new moon chart where I wrote:

Neptune Semi Square Sun/Moon

I don’t know if I would normally mention this aspect but given all the warrior energy of Mars I didn’t want to neglect the spiritual hand of Neptune.   Neptune is an intuitive planet, he is the psychic planet, he is the planet that speaks to our higher side of love.   Not the love we have for our significant others or even our family, he speaks to the love of humanity.  The part of us that loves people we don’t even know.   When we see those families in Newtown Connecticut speak about their children, do we not want to hold them, hug them, cry with them? Why?   That is not Venus who loves OUR husband/wife children/friends.  That is personal.   It is Neptune that looks in our heart and sees our capacity to love is greater than loving just the people around us.   


A semi square brings out friction and with Neptune we will see public examples where something is out of sync.   A person falls through the system.   A person is in the wrong place at the wrong time.   But out of it comes something new that will help others.   Personally, don’t be surprised if you end up in some weird place with some weird people and you just wonder, “How did I end up here?”  And my suggestion would be to go with it.  It might seem strange and weird and it could cause some friction but never lose sight that spirit is talking to us

I personally am looking very forward to Mars leaving Aries and entering Taurus on the 20th.   Holding my breath until then. 


  1. My husband was working there, was maybe 150 ft. from the explosions. He is fine, though, as are his coworkers, but of course others are not so fortunate. We are very glad to have him home.

    Pluto's current station is within 2 degrees of conjuncting his Moon, and will be backing off from it with the retrograde.

    I noticed that Venus left Aries in the wee hours of this morning. Without her, Sun and Mars got wilder.

  2. Big hugs, Zanna. I'm so glad your hubby is good. I thought of you when I was watching the news this evening. It is hard to know who is the who...but i'm leaning towards homegrown crazy. Aries is so april 15--tax day. very personal to nut jobs.

  3. Thanks, Tracy. I don't know who did it, nor can I imagine what led them to losing their humanity to such an extent. Tragedy all around.

    Cat is lying across my arm purring... the blessings of peace and home!

  4. I'm crrently on the other side of the world in Goa, India but most of my family lives within an hour of Boston. My first instinct was also homegrown terror a la McVeigh. By someone whose agenda is to push us towards war again, or keep the status quo re gun laws, or to push more Patriot Act type laws on us. It was difficult to articulate what I sensed but it feels like someone local.

  5. yes, feels very local. Patriot's day. Tax day.
    feels very 'give me liberty or give me, bombs in a marathon" I'm sure there is a manifesto in some basement somewhere.