Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our fiery Aries lunar cycle

Our fiery first week of Aries New Moon.    Last Wednesday (4/10) was New Moon and the chart of the moon was quite intense moon with a lot of warrior energy which  I characterized as Viking.  There was also an explosive element to it with an especially tight aspect to Pluto.     

The stock market and commodities certainly felt a Viking plunder this week.  Yikes. No kidding.    The bombings in Boston on Monday at the marathon of course speaks to warrior Mars and destructive Pluto.
Yesterday the senate defeated the gun background check bill which is over 80 percent favored by the American people.  Under other astrological aspect I might say, “Well, that’s that”.   But not with these aspects.   I think this is more of a fuse being lit.     Those who voted No fearful of the NRA may end up paying for it politically later.  
And finally last night a large explosion in West Texas shook so strongly it registered 2.2 on the Richter scale.   The number of injured (160) and dead (15) is still growing. 

It is my hope that when Mars moves into Taurus this weekend (April 20) things will slow down a bit but as we know the New Moon chart is cast for a 28 day cycle so we are not out of the woods until the next lunar cycle in May.  

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