Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Get your Viking On -- It's Aries New Moon 2013

Wednesday April 10th  5:35am EDT

This Treasure Map Aries New Moon is hotter than hot.   I mean it is ass kicking hot and you would have to be dead at least 10 years to not feel it.     I put up the whole article HERE but let me tell you I anticipate a lot of action in the next 28 days.  We will all feel it and we will all see it.  There will be fights, god yes, there will be fights but remember any fighting you have with another person is really a fight with yourself.    Anything you are yelling is about you Hearing it.   Those changes you want have to start right now with you.    

If you want to get a real sense of this cycle click on the Holst Link.  That is our theme for this cycle.

Anyway, here is a snippet from the article.  Go to link for whole thing. 

This is a super duper, action-packed Aries New Moon.    The Sun, Moon, Mars & Venus are on top of each other.  And a few degrees off to the left is Uranus (also in Aries).   I don’t know if there are other words to describe this energy beyond--- “On your mark—go!” 




As most of you know on the Aries New Moon we build our treasure maps.   Seventeen years ago I made my first Treasure Map based on the work of astrologer Buzz Myers.   In 1996 on the Aries New Moon following Buzz’s direction, two friends and I got together and built our maps.  Since that time treasure maps have grown in popularity thanks to the www.  I only wish Buzz had lived long enough to see what he inspired.  In a nutshell we build a collage of images, drawings, quotes and words that reflect those things we want to accomplish in the new year.   Once we have built it we put the treasure map up where we can see it and where it will coax us along.    And yes, the new year did not begin in January it starts April 10th with Aries New Moon .  Build your treasure map you will be shocked by what you accomplish in the next twelve months.  For more on treasure maps go here--- http://tracyastrosalon.blogspot.com/2013/04/it-is-treasure-map-time-2013.html




Mars is the warrior.   And he is not a sleek, cool warrior who comes in with his pistol and gets a clean shot.  No.  You need to visualize another warrior.  Think of a sweaty, messy haired brute with a club in one hand and a sword in the other and he is running at full speed.  Think Viking.   That is our warrior this cycle. The reason why Mars is extra feisty in Aries is because it is his home sign.   Having Mars on the moon, sun and venus is going to give us the power and bravery to put it out there what we want this year and not hide in the crowd like a broken down character in a Dickens novel whimpering, “More, please.”      Good lord no.  Mars would torch down the dump before he would beg for food.    This is a fighting New Moon and a case could be made that it will a fighting year.   Perhaps getting the life that we want will take a little fight?  Dig in and find your inner Viking.



Pluto, Uranus and the power of Mars


As we have discussed in previous new moons, Uranus is squaring Pluto several times between now and 2015.   The last round we had was in the fall of 2012. We know that Uranus is the planet of change.  Not small changes, it is the planet of big revolutionary changes.   Pluto is also the planet of change but it is evolution versus Uranus revolution.  What is the difference?      Globally speaking, a perfect example is in front of all us.   ----- go to link for rest of article.

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