Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scorpio Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon
5 Scorpio 45
Lunar Eclipse
April 26, 2013  3:57pm

Oh, baby are you feeling it?   God knows I am.   When the moon is Scorpio everything is intense.   We aren’t cold—we are frozen.   We aren’t hot-we are on fire.   We don’t feel beige we feel stark white.  We don’t feel grey, we feel black.    Everything is exaggerated,  we  either play hard ball or no ball.   That is moon in Scorpio on a regular day.  Now put that energy on steroids and you get a Scorpio Full Moon Lunar eclipse.   

The Sun in Taurus is practical, measured, thoughtful and cautious.  He is telling us to look at our money, look at our properties and look at our values.   What makes us secure or grounded.   But opposite Taurus is the Scorpio Moon.   Scorpio and Taurus both like to set their sights on stuff and gobble it up, the difference is Scorpio always needs to process whatever he gobbles so he can poop it out.  The poop is just as important as the gobble.  Maybe even more.   Taurus on the other hand never poops.  It holds on to stuff way past its usefulness.  

On this lunar eclipse, Scorpio will be teaching Taurus the value of releasing so it can be born again.   And Taurus will be teaching Scorpio the value of harnessing his deep emotion to build something good.     Remember, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the three water signs,  Cancer is the water by the shore,  Pisces is the water in the deep seas,  Scorpio is the water in  a river, expanding and contracting with the seasons.  At times capable of dangerous floods and other times constricted so much that people go to war over it.     With a lunar eclipse Taurus has a bit of the upper hand and he is looking at Scorpio and his powerful river and says, “Let’s build a power plant on you and harness all that energy.” 

Use your emotions on the full moon to get powerful work done. 

Two weeks ago we set our tone for the next 12 months by building our Treasure Maps.   You put it out there to the universe what you wanted.  Now you are getting help to get what you want by double downing on your emotions.    Remember, I indicated on theNew Moon, that this 28 day Aries lunar cycle has a Viking Warrior in the mix-- Mars.   The Viking is continuing his fight with the Scorpio lunar eclipse, because  a new general has stepped up and shouting orders.   Our leadership will come from our deep powerful emotions.   And for god sakes lets all remember that in order to win the war –you must lose a few battles.        

Adding to the energy is Saturn on top of the Lunar eclipse.  Saturn does not waste anything and he hates wasting time.   It is one of my least favorite expressions but Saturn on top of Lunar Eclipse Moon in Scorpio is pounding on the door yelling, “Shit or get off the pot!”       

What has come up in the last two weeks?  What emotions are swirling around you?  How are you using it?   Has anything come up that is calling you in a new way?  Are you responding?  Can you be practical about that response?   Can you use it to further your goals you set two weeks ago.  Even if you didn’t make a treasure map look at your calendar for the last two weeks.   What came up?  How does it speak to what you want in the next year?    And if you didn’t make a treasure map, take an orange piece of paper and write down the things you want but write it in an empowered voice.    

Instead of writing, “I want a new car”  You will write, “I’m  happy and grateful driving my new car.”    Instead of writing, “I need money” you will write “I’m happy and grateful that I easily attract all the money I need and more so.”  
“I want better health” turns into, “I’m happy and grateful for my vibrant health.”
"I want to get out of debt" turns into "I'm happy and grateful that I'm debt free!" 

You get the gist. 

We are in an important cycle with Uranus and Pluto about to go into another round of revolution versus evolution next month.   We’ll talk more about it on Taurus New moon but in order to turn those corners we are being given the gift of Scorpio Lunar Moon to harness the wealth in our emotions and put it to good use.  

If you need an image to get you through, visualize Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.   Tall concrete monolith with generators buried deep in his belly…the water goes through it and electrifies millions and millions of homes.     That is power.  

Build your dam and you’ll hear the power humming right away. 


  1. I've been loading up my jade jewelry (Taurus) and rivited to Youtube obsessing on a Chinese soap opera (Bu Bu Jing Xin) featuring a sexy Scorpio actor (Nicky Wu). Go figure.
    Love, CarolT

  2. make me laugh. That is hysterical.
    I love Korean soap operas always playing in the spa I go to in Ktown.

  3. Excellent write-up!