Friday, April 12, 2013

Pluto Retrograde

Today Pluto reversed course.   I spoke about Plutos retrograde in the New Moon report a few days ago.

Others have written about Pluto retrograde, including Ruby Slipper Astrology:

No matter how you experience this retrograde, its purpose will be this: to dig out any leftover pieces of the past that are preventing you from moving forward. The (Capricorn) area of your chart that Pluto has been moving through (since January 2008) is being physically altered. Capricorn is an Earth sign. It symbolizes structures and boundaries. Even though these changes will start on deep level, eventually they will take physical form. They may be showing already.
Think about this for a minute. What’s starting to show on the surface of your life? Cracks? A shift in power? A relocation? This is key, and it will help you to deal with this retrograde period (until September 20th.) Pluto’s changes will become obvious to everyone (at some point) so make sure you’re doing them right. The consequences of a poorly handled Pluto transit (ignoring or denying the transformations) can manifest as the ruins of your current structures, with nothing to replace them. Scorched earth, no new growth. Pluto destroys before it triggers rebirth, but you have to work with it to get to the rebirth part.  It goes on---go to LINK for the rest of the thoughtful piece.  
Also Awakenings has a nice write up as well. 

Pluto Retrograde: 12th April to 20th September 2013


Sarah Varcas

Pluto stations retrograde in the 12th degree of Capricorn. The Sabian Symbols link this degree to study of the natural world, in the face of which we are all mere beginners. When Pluto, planet of profound transformation often born out of destruction, lingers in this degree we are put on notice by the cosmos that we’re not the owners of this planet, but the inhabitants, along with all other life forms, known and unknown. We do not, therefore, have a divine right above and beyond everything else, to pursue our own pleasure and satisfaction regardless of all other considerations. And yet, as a race, we continue to do so, and with alarming intensity.
This retrograde passage of Pluto provides us all with an opportunity to pause in this pursuit, to take stock and consider the foot print that we leave on this planet as we go about our daily lives. Not only in terms of the physical demands we make upon our environment, but also in terms of the demands we make on the world around us, to meet our needs and fulfil our desires. Each moment that we expect life to be a certain way, to deliver up certain results in return for our efforts, to shape itself in such a way that our needs get met, we’re demanding that a universe more complex than we can possibly comprehend bends itself to our will and desire. And when you look at it like that you can’t help but think…. isn’t that a bit…well..narcissistic?!  Go to LINK for rest. 


  1. This Pluto transit is in my 2nd house Capricorn and opposing my Cancer 8th house where natal Uranus resides with Jupiter making its visit this summer.Jupiter will be conjuncting Uranus and Saturn and Neptune will be trining Uranus. Should I be concentrating more on the Pluto transit or dealing with all the activity that will be occuring in the opposing house? While I am pleased with the breakdown of my old value system during this Pluto transit, I am worried about personal financies.

  2. Can you please add the link for the last one? Thanks!

  3. It is there. It is in the highlighted words "Awakenings"

  4. when i read your post I actually thought the opposite. I though you may get boon to your finances. You made a treasure map, right? You are a good candidate with those aspects to benefit from the evolutionay impulses by Pluto. Purge out any "I don't deserve" beliefs and see what you receive.