Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Week Ahead

Well, I think we all agree it is nice to put last week behind us.  Lord, yes.  

The sun moved into Taurus on Saturday shifting the energy from fiery to grounded.     Things should slow down.   Yes, we are still in a fiery aries lunar cycle where there is still a focus on independence and new beginnings and as I indicated there is a Viking warrior energy in our midst.  But having the sun and some of the inner planets now moving into Taurus could take the brunt force edge off and it may not be as in-your-face as we have experienced for the last 10 days.   Hope springs eternal, doesn’t it?

We are in still in 1st quarter moon which began on the 18th.   
Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speaks to your family?  How are you moving on your roots?  What were you born from and how have you broken free and created your own life?  How can you use your emotions to take you to the next step? 

4/21: Mercury/Pluto:  Rigid thoughts,  rough language, harsh or redemptive connections
4/22: Venus/Saturn.  Resources feel limited.  Love feels cold.   Focus on work and projects will be beneficial.

Gibbous Moon
April 22  23 5:03a EDT   

Focus on:
What is going on with the details?  You planted seeds on new moon for the changes you want this year how are you doing little things that support those visions?  If you want to lose weight this year, right now what are you eating?  Do the details of your life support the big goals?  Start now.   

Special Focus:
4/23 Mercury/Jupiter: optimistic thinking, big thoughts are highlighted.  Big visions and communications.  Reaching new people new styles, new worlds.
4/24: Sun/Neptune: Inspired, creative, gentle,  building humanitarian cause
4/24: Venus/Pluto: access power and resources, breakthroughs in love and money

Full Moon Phase
April 25 3:57pm EDT
5 Scorpio 46
Lunar Eclipse

Focus on:   When you made your treasure map or set your goals on new moon where you ready to jump in full throttle?  What goals need all of your energy?   Not half ass but all of you?   How do you shy away from your power?  How do you sell yourself short?  What are the resources available to you that you have missed?    This is an eclipse so this full moon has a mighty punch.  

I will post more on it later this week. 

Special focus:
4/26: Mars/Neptune: Actions inspired by spirit.  Putting our faith in our actions.  Putting action in our faith. 

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