Monday, April 15, 2013

This Week

How are you doing with your treasure maps?  Have you finished it?  Are you still mulling?  I'm not finished with mine.  I'm still snipping my images.  I have been doing it since new moon.  I hope to have it done by First quarter moon.   In the mean time I have been super busy (no surprise with Mars being such a viking on new moon) and I'm sure you have been busy as well.   Remember our responses to anything that comes up during this 28 day cycle speaks more to the tone of the year than actually what we are doing.

4/17: Sun conjunct Mars –Highly energetic, tense, high charged, accent on movement & explosive

First Quarter Moon
April 18 8:30am EDT   

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speaks to your family?  How are you moving on your roots?  What were you born from and how have you broken free and created your own life?  How can you use your emotions to take you to the next step? 

Special focus

4/19: Sun enters  Taurus.  Set aside a whole day and pamper your Taurus friend for their birthday.
4/20: Mercury conjunct Uranus:  Electric thoughts, shocking info, breakthrough idea



  1. I don't know if it was a rhetorical question about the trasure maps but I'll answer anyway: I'm doing terribly with mine.

    I can't seem to find it in me to even get it started. I'm normally really into setting goals and thinking about what I'd like to see in my future but since the new moon, I've been restless and almost bored? It's a really unfamiliar states for me, I never feel that way. I'm just not someone who gets bored.

    I'm hoping something will happen between now and the full moon because I'd really like to get it done for this year.

  2. My treasure map process is like pulling teeth this year... Usually I am done within first 4 days. This year, I am not even half way through and it seems I cannot make myself sit down for long enough to actually make any progress... Also the last week before the new moon and the first week after new moon have been full of changes and a lot of emotional stuff. It makes me feel like a total drama queen... LOL

  3. Malva & Anonymous,
    I'm feeling similar in that I usually have it done in the first three days. I think the year before last I didn't get it done until full. But I had a huge event I was producing and that really squashed my time. This year it has been lots of little things taking up my time. But what I have been doing is a bit by bit each day. Not glueing. But just pulling out photos of magazines. I bought another one today. I 'm not sure what I feel I want but I am getting information especially now during Crescent that will impact my map. Today's financial news has impacting me as well. If I want a fuller life that speaks to the "next step" for me, I may need some information right now to help guide me. That is okay. Also, I think all three of us will feel more centered when planets start moving into Taurus this week. That is going to help center us.