Saturday, July 25, 2015

Good Morning: Venus Retrograde ..a gift for you

In honor of Venus retrograde I have a gift for you.

First here is the London Symphony performing Gustav Holst's VENUS THE BRINGER OF PEACE.

Many of you will recognize the music.

I, of course, reminded you A few days ago HERE  of some of the information we will be processing through Sept. 6 during Venus trek back.        

I would like to also give you the gift of other astrologer's take on Venus big journey.

Here is DarkStarAstrology take on Venus Retrograde.

Here is OhMyStars, by astrologer Mathew Currie.

Cosmic Intelligence has this Venus write up.

And maybe you want to make this Venus retrograde super personal?  Go to Michael Lutin's site and pick up  your specific directive.

And of course these are the dates you should put on your Venus Radar.

On June 21 Venus went into its shadow (14 Leo 23) – We will revisit some of the stuff that came up after this date.
On July 25 Venus stations RX  (0 Virgo 46) – We are on Value Patrol.  Especially what we value in our daily activities. 
On July 31 Venus returns to Leo (during a full moon no less) More Value patrol especially about unbridled love versus ego. 
On Sept 6 Venus stations direct 14 Leo 23 – Oh, boy what have we learned?  And how do we apply it?
On October 8 Venus returns to Virgo –what is my daily life looking like now? 

On October 9 Venus exits its shadow (0 Virgo 46) –Phew, how is my life different now than it was on June 21st?

Have a beautiful, thoughtful journey!  


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